CHECK IN GUIDE: Use a computer or device with a camera/ microphone and web browser.

Please click here for your scheduled telehealth appointment and select the appropriate room.

Allow your web browser to use your webcam and microphone. 

Type in the patient's name and click check in.

Your health care provider will start your visit.

Hershey Pediatric Center is now utilizing an online telehealth platform called This program allows us to conduct our telehealth visits securely using audio and video.


Telehealth visits are intended for problems that can be dealt with without the need for the patient to come to the office. Examples would include but not limited to: medication follow-up visits, other follow-up visits, and discussions about problems that need more than a brief period of time.


  • These will be handled as though they were visits to the office: scheduled for a specific time during our regular office hours, with the clinician of your choice.

  • The telehealth visits will have the same copay and subsequent submission of billing to your insurance as though you came to the office.

  • There is no application that has to be downloaded. The program can be run through a web browser. It is supported by Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome.

  • It can be used on any device that has a camera and microphone (ex. Tablet, laptop, phone, etc.)

  • Our clinic page is You will note at the top of our website it states “Please click here for your scheduled telehealth appointment.” Clicking here will bring you to our clinic page.

  • On the clinic page, you select the healthcare provider’s room that you are scheduled for and click “Enter room.”

  • From there you will type in the patient’s name and click check in and you will be brought to the online waiting room. The provider seeing you will call you shortly. You will have to allow access to your camera and microphone for the call.

  • Please bear with us as with any online program, there can be technical difficulties from time to time. We will try to resolve them as quickly as we can.


We look forward to offering this convenient service to our patients!