Vaccines prevent disease in the children who receive them and protect those who come into contact with unvaccinated individuals. Vaccines are responsible for the control of many once-common infectious diseases including polio, measles, diphtheria, and many other dangerous diseases.


Below are some online resources for parents who want to become more informed about the importance of vaccinations.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is working with other immunization advocacy groups, public health agencies, and communication specialists to promote the value and safety of immunizations to the general public. To see the AAP's new one-page handout click on Vaccine Safety: The Facts  and you can also visit the Childhood Immunization Support Program website for more information. 

Vaccine Education Center  http://vaccine.chop.eduThis site provides parents with facts and information about Childhood Vaccines. The site is provided by the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Vaccinate Your Baby?  Visit

 The American Academy of Pediatrics and Every Child By Two recently launched a new campaign, "Vaccinate Your Baby." The purpose is to urge parents to immunize their babies against vaccine-preventable diseases and address misinformation about vaccines that causes confusion among parents and puts children at risk.  The site is comprehensive resource for parents who want to get the facts about childhood immunization.